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Rain isn’t anybody’s favourite weather. While it does the garden good, rain has the potential to cause an array of problems in and around your Fulwood, Woodseats or South Yorkshire home. Due to its position on top of the property, your roof sits permanently exposed to rain-related risks. This is why you must ensure that your soffits and fascias, and the guttering system, are always in a good condition.


The roofline is your property’s first line of defence against rain damage because it prevents moisture ingress. It achieves this by directly repelling water, or by channelling it away from the roof and into a nearby drainage point.


While guttering is a simple system to understand, soffits and fascias are still a mystery to some homeowners. Together, they create a watertight seal around the exposed ends of a roof.


This blog post looks at how important this seal is in keeping Fulwood, Woodseats and Yorkshire homes safe and dry.


A Durable, Low-Maintenance Defence


If you let soffits and fascias fall into a state of disrepair, or if you don’t catch damage early enough, moisture will penetrate the roof and its interior space. This can lead to issues with mould and dampness. If allowed to take root, you could experience severe damage to the roofing timber, interior décor, carpets and even clothing. Compromised soffits and fascias also increase the chances of wildlife making your roof space a warm, comfortable home.


From nesting birds to mice, if there’s a way through the roofline, there is always a risk.


Because of the vital roles they play, it is essential that you have roofline products installed by a professional roofing contractor. With over 30 years of shared trade experience, the team at RW Roofing has a proven track record for successful installations in Fulwood, Woodseats and the surrounding areas.


The Importance of Aesthetics


For your peace of mind, we install the latest UPVC soffits and fascias. As time-served roofers, we recognise the incredible durability and all-round performance of UPVC. Before this, it was more common to find aluminium guttering or timber roofline products. Aluminium lost its appeal due to cost, especially in the domestic sector. UPVC is more cost-effective than aluminium and offers a more robust, value-added solution.


As a non-waterproof material, you must prime timber before using it on the roofline. While it is affordable, it is also high in maintenance. Failure to maintain timber soffits and fascias results in them rotting. UPVC combines the best of all materials. Not only is it durable, but it requires little in terms of maintenance. Unlike timber, it doesn’t warp or rot.


There’s an added burden on roofline products too, especially soffits and fascias. In addition to protecting homes from the elements, they also have to look great. Roofline products fitted to your Fulwood, Woodseats or South Yorkshire home sit in a prominent position, so they have a huge impact on its overall kerb appeal. This is where UPVC excels again.


We can source soffits, fascias and guttering in a wide range of colours to suit your own specific tastes and design ideas. As such, UPVC ensures your property has the best levels of defence against bad weather without any compromise in style.

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