Flat Roofs in Sheffield | Reasons to Choose a GRP Fibreglass Roof


Has your current flat roofing installation reached the end of its lifespan? If you’re in need of a replacement, you may find the huge range of available options a little hard to choose from. At RW Roofing, we supply and install flat roofs in Sheffield on a domestic and commercial scale. GRP fibreglass is more durable than any other material on the market, and it makes a cost-effective choice for every need.


This blog post outlines a handful of the many benefits that come with GRP flat roofs. Please note that to make the most of these benefits, you must use a reputable roofing contractor with a proven track record for installing this material.


Substandard installations shorten your roof’s lifespan.


We are happy to discuss flat roofing, or our supporting roofing services, from the comfort of your own home. Please call us on 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183 to arrange a visit. We cover all locations in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.


So, what makes GRP flat roofs such a desirable choice with our South Yorkshire and Derbyshire customers?




We can’t talk about the benefits of GRP fibreglass without mentioning its durability. In short, the robust nature of this material is impossible to match. It doesn’t deteriorate at the same rate as a felt alternative. Aside from the structure of this material, one of the primary reasons behind its amazing durability is the lack of seams, welds and joins.


Roofing contractors lay GRP fibreglass in continuous layers so there are never any weak points for water to penetrate.




It’s not often that flat roofs have something in common with RNLI lifeboats, but this is another unique quality of GRP fibreglass. The material we fit at your Sheffield property is the same used to make the hulls of RNLI lifeboats. As you can imagine, a material used to bear rough conditions at sea will offer outstanding protection against normal rainfall.


When rain falls on GRP fibreglass, it has nowhere to go. With the appropriate fall integrated into your roofline, all runoff flows towards the guttering system and away from your property. The purpose of our roofing services is to provide you with a watertight barrier against the elements.


GRP flat roofs give you the best barrier in our sector.




No matter what the size or shape the flat roof of a Sheffield property might be, we can install GRP fibreglass to suit its exact specification. Whether you have light wells, rooflights or obstacles and tricky areas to negotiate, we mould our materials to fit the unique dimensions of the roof. What’s more, you can create non-slip sections (or an entire non-slip roof) if you plan to walk on the new surface.


RW Roofing finishes GRP flat roofs with pre-formed edge trims and a topcoat. The latter is available in a wide range of colours. Because we don’t limit you to one appearance, your new roof blends in seamlessly with an existing design theme.


Use this versatile product in conjunction with walkways, balconies and roof windows. Whichever look you wish to achieve for a Sheffield home, GRP fibreglass ticks every box.

Call 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183 to speak to our roofing contractors. We cover Sheffield as a specialist in flat roofs.

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