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Does your property in Sheffield, Ecclesall or the surrounding Yorkshire area have a flat roof? If it does, when was the original roofing material installed and which type is it? From single-storey extensions to porches and garages, flat roofs are common features across homes and workplaces throughout the UK. The materials used to cover these structures have improved over the years to make the most of modern innovation.


Some installations have a life expectancy in excess of five decades but not all materials last this long.


This blog post looks at common signs which might indicate you need to replace your roofing. Of course, repair work is always an option but if your roofing material is particularly old, or if the damage is widespread, a complete replacement could be the easiest and the most cost-effective solution.


To schedule inspections for flat roofs in Sheffield or Ecclesall, please call us on 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183.


Signs a flat roof could need replacing include:


Water Ingress


The sole purpose of any roof, not just flat roofs, is to provide a watertight barrier between the interior room space and the elements outside. If your roof shows signs of water ingress or has a more substantial leak, it has a compromise. Once this happens, the situation will only worsen until you hire a roofing contractor to inspect and repair it. We perform roof repairs across South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.


Common signs of water penetrating through the roof include puddles on the floor and damp patches or stains on the ceiling. Water might also drip through ceiling fixtures, such as lighting installations, and pool on the floor below.


Blisters and Bubbles


When viewed from the outside, you may see that the surface of your roof has developed one or more blisters (or bubbles). If this happens, it means the adhesion between the roofing material and the structure below has failed. This allows water or air to become trapped between the two. If you catch this problem early, you can usually escape expensive repair work. For flat roofs with larger blisters and bubbles, however, a full or partial replacement is a far more suitable option.


If you notice signs of a blister or bubble at your Sheffield or Ecclesall property, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Splits and Cracks


Splits and cracks are common issues with felt flat roofs once they reach the end of their lifespan, but they can also appear on poorly installed materials of any kind, or as the result of debris impact during extreme weather. If your roofing material suffers a split or a crack, it leaves the plyboard or chipboard beneath exposed to the elements. Given enough time, this will eventually lead to the deck board rotting away.

In turn, this causes the surface to become uneven. In a worst-case scenario, it even makes the surface dangerous to walk on.


Moss, Algae or Lichen


While there’s nothing wrong with organic growth on flat roofs as such, a large amount could be cause for concern. If your roof in Sheffield, Ecclesall or Yorkshire has a significant spread of moss, algae or lichen, it could be retaining too much water. When this happens, your roof and the supporting structure can experience severe damage over time.


In many cases, this issue is more a matter of improving your roofing maintenance and upkeep. If left for too long, however, you could face a costly bill for a full roof replacement.

Call 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183 if you have concerns over your roof. We repair and replace flat roofs in Sheffield, Ecclesall and all neighbouring areas.

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