Reroofing in Sheffield, Dronfield and the Surrounding Areas


Located in Sheffield, RW Roofing is an experienced company of time-served roofing contractors with the professional yet friendly approach. Roof repairs and replacements make up the core of our business in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Reroofing is very much a replacement service, and one that we provide to domestic customers and commercial clients in the surrounding areas of Chesterfield and Dronfield.


The roof is one of the most important structural elements of a home or business because it protects the property from adverse weather conditions and pest infestations.


Unfortunately, roofs deteriorate and depreciate over time. Maintenance can increase the lifespan of an installation but there eventually comes a point where repairs start to fail sooner. When roof repairs become ineffective or uneconomical, reroofing acts as a restoration procedure that protects the property and preserves its resale value.

roof repairs in Sheffield

The Basics of Reroofing


RW Roofing completely removes the failed roofing structure and replaces it with a new one or, at the very least, performs a more extensive repair as part of its reroofing services. Typically, reroofing jobs in Sheffield, Dronfield and the surrounding areas include replacement of the underlying support structure and the fitting of a new roofing membrane.


Our roofing contractors usually choose reroofing over a repair when damage reaches a more severe level or the cost of performing further repairs becomes too expensive.


A restoration is an option on properties where there is extensive damage but still the potential for an economical repair. Under such circumstances, we provide a more detailed inspection of the roof and investigate for structural weakness. Restorations and reroofing have many similarities, but a restoration won’t involve complete removal of the old installation.

  • We source quality materials to match the architectural design of pitched and flat roofs from a trusted supplier network.
  • After stripping down to the rafters or the deck, our roofing contractors perform repairs to bolster the roof’s structural integrity.
  • Upon completion of any related roof repairs, we install a drip edge to stop water backing up beneath the roofing structure.
  • RW Roofing uses membranes or ice and water shields to protect properties in Sheffield and Dronfield, and to stop moisture build-up.
  • Our roofing contractors install lead flashing and diverters at important points to stop water seeping into the roof edges.
  • Where required, we fit new soffits and fascias to make reroofing projects watertight and to ventilate the roof or loft space.
  • We clean up as soon as we finish the project to leave homes and businesses clear of nails, general waste and other types of debris.

Call 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183 for a free, no-obligation quotation or professional advice on reroofing services in the Sheffield and Dronfield areas.

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roof repairs in Sheffield
roof repairs in Sheffield
RW Roofing
roof repairs in Sheffield
roof repairs in Sheffield