Reroofing in Fulwood and Woodseats | Which Factors Impact Your Roofing’s Lifespan?


What would you say is the most important feature of your Fulwood, Woodseats or Yorkshire property? There are many legitimate answers to this question, but your roof remains one of the most integral aspects of the home. It keeps you, your family and your possessions safe against the elements. There are, however, multiple factors that can affect your roof’s lifespan and failing to address these, or to maintain the roof surface, can result in reroofing work earlier than expected.


This blog post lists some of these factors.


The information here gives you a deeper understanding of what affects your roof’s overall condition. In turn, this can alter your approach to roofing maintenance and upkeep, helping you to get many more years of performance from your installation.


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So, what can affect your roof’s lifespan?


Nearby Trees


Many homeowners worry that the roots of nearby trees can cause subsidence issues. If you have a tree on or near your property, it can also affect the roof. High winds have the power to snap small branches from trees. The debris can land anywhere once loose, including on your roof. Impact damage like this can loosen, crack or remove tiles. If a tree overhangs the roof, the constant movement of the canopy can cause gradual damage to any nearby roofing materials too.


If you have responsibility for the trees around your Fulwood or Woodseats home, take action to minimise roofing damage.


Failed Flashing


The leadwork on your roof is a distinctive feature but it takes an up-close inspection to see if it is still performing as it should. If your roof looks in good condition, services like inspections and reroofing work are the last things on your mind. Because it seals joins in the roofing structure, however, lead flashing must be watertight to prevent leaks.


If leadwork starts to loosen, water penetrates the interior structure. If you don’t resolve this issue quickly, it can significantly damage the roofing deck or timber eaves.


Lack of Maintenance


Even if a reputable roofing contractor performed your last major reroofing job, the structure will still need maintenance work over the years. Maintenance services come in an array of forms to cover a wide range of eventualities. However, the most logical time to check the roof of your Fulwood, Woodseats or South Yorkshire home, and to invest into its upkeep, is in the aftermath of bad weather and strong winds in particular.


Torrential rain and gale force winds can expose weaknesses that weren’t previously apparent. By catching them as they appear, you face immediate small-scale roof repairs rather than large-scale reroofing works that cost much more.




Despite being one of the most obvious issues associated with roofing, age is also one of the most frequently overlooked. Like every other part of your Fulwood or Woodseats home, the roof has a finite lifespan. When the roof nears the point of failure, repair work won’t resolve ongoing issues. Sooner or later, some level of reroofing work becomes inevitable.


Of course, every roof is different.


The factors above, as well as many more, affect how many years you will get out of your current installation. While damage is sometimes just a case of bad luck, we strongly advise regular maintenance and upkeep to get the best possible results.

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