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Given its position on top of the home, it’s easy to forget about a roof for months at a time. But, like so many integral aspects of any property, taking the roof for granted will shorten its expected lifespan. Without regular inspections, small roofing issues in Sheffield, Ecclesall and the surrounding areas can develop into bigger problems. Failure to spot a compromised roof only makes the situation worse.


In many cases, by the time you eventually act, reroofing work has become unavoidable.


Of course, all roofing materials will fail eventually. If your roof is old, replace it completely. Compared to repairs, reroofing usually represents the most cost-effective solution.


This blog post looks at some of the most common signs that a roof in Sheffield or Ecclesall isn’t performing to an expected standard. We separate these signs into exterior and interior faults. By catching them early, you could avoid large-scale roof repairs or a complete reroofing job.



The exterior signs of a compromised roof include:




Guttering plays a vital role in dispersing rainwater from the roof. The less time water stays on or around the roofing structure, the less likely it is to cause damage. You should make sure your guttering always remains free of blockages. You should check your gutters for debris, and for remnants of broken tiles too. Tile remnants show potential damage to the roof. Fragments can cause blockages in downspouts too.


Also, check that the guttering and fascia boards have secure fixings. Loose guttering points to roofline damage.




If you can do so safely, scan the tiles of your Sheffield, Ecclesall or Yorkshire home. Check specifically for split, cracked or missing tiles. Damaged tiles, or holes in them, allow leaks to access the internal roof space. If you catch this issue early enough, a simple repair job might suffice. If the issue has gone on for several weeks or months, we may need to perform full or partial reroofing work. Please note that any kind of work undertaken at height has inherent risks.


If you cannot inspect your roof without the necessary safety precautions, please contact us. We will send one of our roofing contractors to check the condition of your roof.




Your roof should be solid and sturdy but, if you notice dips, structural damage or other signs of sagging, get in touch with RW Roofing as soon as possible. This symptom usually means your roof has had issues for a long time and they may have caused significant damage. Flat roofs, in particular, show signs of sagging clearly. Pooled water could be an indication of a sagging roof too, so keep a look out for puddles.


A reroofing project on a flat structure will usually involve us replacing the entire timber deck and surface material.



The interior signs of a compromised roof include:


Mould or Moisture


As well as checking exterior roofing materials, we also advise property owners in Sheffield, Ecclesall and the surrounding areas to inspect their loft space too, especially after periods of heavy rain. If you find pools of water in the loft, or other signs that standing water is causing a problem, like dried water ring marks, the chances are your roof has a leak.


If there aren’t visible signs of water but you still encounter a musty smell in the loft, or if you see mould growing, this also indicates that moisture has penetrated the roof.


Light Leaks


Check the loft in the middle of the day too. If you have holes or gaps in the roofing structure, light can enter the interior space. The solution here depends on how soon you find the damage. One of our roofing contractors can assess your roof and will recommend any necessary repair work. You can relax knowing that we only advise reroofing your Sheffield, Ecclesall or Yorkshire property as a last resort.


We will always try to provide an affordable repair in the first instance, one that we can guarantee to last.

Call 0114 442 5571 or 07478 701183 to discuss our reroofing services in Sheffield, Ecclesall and Yorkshire.

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